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Spires by caughtinthehurricane

This piece is very beautiful,the blue foggy mist around the ground gives it a lot of mystery to the piece, the pinkish black sky is ver...

Waiting For You by verlak
by verlak

This is actually a very nice picture, the wolf itself is actually very impressive, you can see it's emotions in those eyes which almost...

Tiger cub by Kamirah
by Kamirah

This is a very beautiful baby tiger the mood of it is great , the cubs eyes are very well done and very beautiful, I love how you made ...


I hope you all have a nice, peaceful and food filled day! 
Okay let me start off by saying that I know I am really behind on roleplays, but also that after I do the dishes, I will be soending most of today repkying to them from my older prompts. That and I figured I wouldn't get too many bites with this one, given that not everyone likes or knows about fallout. Though even those that wish to try that don't know are welcome to. 
So to this prompt itself...

You are a lone wastelander, traveler or even raider that just found a unique intact book that mentioned in the old world, before the war there was a special holiday everyone celibrated in these parts. They called it...

1 Thanksgiving

2 Christmas

3 Other

You saw that it involved a big feast and special moments among family and friends, like being thankful for life. Few people in the wasteland had a whole lot to be thankful for besides their lives, but perhaps this was something that you could think about. What were you thankful for? 

You also mantaged to find quite a bit of peserved, clean meat and a bit of... 

1 Fresh corn  

2 Clean water 

3 Other or both

They didn't seem to belong to anyone so you take it before leaving the building and setting up a fire nearby, since the meat was raw. This would be your best meal yet! As you begin to eat though you notice... 

1 The corn tasted odd and you begin to feel funny... (Shrinking, thus the G/T Option) 

2 You hear heavy footsteps along with the sound of large claws against the hard ground after opening the water. (Attracts a deathclaw, thus the non-G/T option.)

3 After eating some corn and taking a sip of water, you feel strange and you hear claws.. (Is both! )

4 Other, run it by me! 

Rules! And guidelines. 

Soft safe vore is very much possible, so please tell me if you don't know what it is or don't like it. 

If you pick the shrinking one, the giant that comes later will be another traveler, but not 100 % human...

Given the nature of the game, death of others, but not the two main characters is possible, blood may be mentioned but not too much. Let me know if the mention of such things bug you. It's not my preference either so no skin off my nose! Just trying to stick with the Fallout Theme without breaking Pg rating.

No sexual content, most I will allow is kissing and hugging.

Heavy knowhow of the game series is not required, just know radiation is a big problem after bomds hit the US and other places around 200 years ago. No working cars really, most normal real life guns and lazer gun exist, raiders are evil, deathclaws are these 10 foot tall, maybe bigger, reptiles with horns and a short but teeth fulled face. Big claws, walk on two legs with a big tail and spikes on their back. Usually a light brown color or dark green. 

It can take place in any of the known game wastelands of fallout 3, newvegas or 4. Or you can pick a new wasteland. By default it is the Mojave (may have misspelled that) of New Vegas, which takes place in the Nevada area.

No fatal vore, sorry folks. 

The deathclaw/other traveler will be male, no exceptions, sorry. But you may play a male or female.

Being human isn't required, you may be a neko, neera, part one of the weaker creatures in the game or one of the in game races. But no demi deathclaws or cazadores, sorry. 

You may be any age between 6 to pre-war (around 200 years ago if you play a being that can live that long. )

You may change the above story a bit if you want, just don't get too silly without asking first. 

I prefer at least two sentinces per reply, but if needed one will work. 

I think that's it! Ask questions if you have any! Oh and the deathclaw can be any kind besides young and baby, if you don't say it will be random. 
Something To Be Thankful For. (Fallout rp)
A thanksgiving/christmas/fallout special.
I am sort of working on a short, silly, not well written Fallout 4 story mainly for my own amusement, but then I realised I haven't posted much lately so my curious question would be... IF I finish it, would anyone be interested in reading it? It would be pretty spoiler free, though it may also be a little confusing if you didn't know much about Fallout. Tyrone would be in it of course and there will be shrinking and soft vore.

It probably won't effect how fast I will finish it, but I am curious to hear if anyone would be eager to read it. If some of you are then I will try to clean it up and make it look more decent then it is.
Is anyone else having trouble with chatrooms not loading and thumbnails for pictures?

Update: Chatrooms and thumbnails are working again! Maybe the other problems have been fixed too?
Hello everyone! I am the founder of a nice group called The-land-of-Miroslav that is in need of active members, we allow prety much any character and we prefer paragraph style writing. We have a chatroom for roleplaying and talking with a whole original world. 

I would be happy to see more folk come by and check it out and please, if you have questions feel free to ask. 
I hope you all have a nice, peaceful and food filled day! 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
ID pic by :iconloppy1352:

(In need of rewriting, sorry!)

I Love My Friend's OCs by ElStamporooniosLove Feedback Stamp by Mirz123Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123Common Courtesy Stamp by Mirz123 Wolf in sheep clothing by bandaid-l0ve Grimm Stamp by StampWolf
GT supporter by WOWandWAS I Support..._3 by Waltz-for-the-Damned I listen to music while browsing deviantART by DS-DNA Needed to Be Stamp by Mirz123I Love Milk Stamp by Mirz123 Friendly Deviant by Luna-Akari
Be Nice Stamp by Mirz123 I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Comment Appreciation by TheLoveTrain Leureep Lover Stamp by Nai-Alei
Stamp: Supernerdchick by MythrilMog Stamp: mistress0minx by MythrilMog Good at Math by Fyi-Sus Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 Forgetful by prosaix Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Artist's comments stamp by Shutsumon

( stamps perfect for Ty) I Love Strawberries Stamp by Annortha Warning Random hugging by Vhazza Don't make me eat you by Queen-of-Ice-Heart I LIKE HUGS by Plankhead Hug a N00B by N-One )

( stamps for Chip Bard Stamp. by WarGoddessEnyo Parents love by Mr-Stamp Stamp: Gentleness by delusional-dreams :thumb189981747: Stamp: Kindness by delusional-dreams )

Also Loppy has gotten me into a dragon raising thing lol so here are my eggs trying to hatch. Apparently I need people to click on them before they get moldy.

Recent adults: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Eggs and Hatchlings:Adopt one today!

The rest of my dragons are here.

Also if I get duplicates of a dragon I can give it to someone else, my dragon Triss can teleport dragons. So if you see a dragon in the list below that you want, just note me and I will explain what's needed.

Up for Adoption: None for now.

Tyrone: Got yer own eggs that need some help growin'? Try puttin' them here.…

Links to groups I need to easily get to. (You may ignore, this is moreso for myself. )


RP Agency:

RP Affinity:

dAfter Story:


AdCast - Ads from the Community



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Mostly using this as a custom box.

Things to do:

For myself:
Finish Densin biography
Finish Sarara story.
Write more vore free stories.

For others:
Get more drawing skill to redraw gift for Matt.
Finish Christmas contest prizes for first, second, third and story place winners.
Finish egg adopt hatches.
Art status: unable

Will update when I remember more things I need to do.

Things I'm waiting for but no rush, just keeping track because I'm so scatter brained lol:

Story request from:iconrainbowsparklebitch: (but i might just commission her it since it's been so long.)

Tyrone art trade from :icontortor13: (my side done)

Unknown art trade with :iconangelicalsweetie:. (my side done. )

Probably more but I'm not thinking of it at the moment.

Updated on: March 13th 2014

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