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Spires by caughtinthehurricane

This piece is very beautiful,the blue foggy mist around the ground gives it a lot of mystery to the piece, the pinkish black sky is ver...

Waiting For You by verlak
by verlak

This is actually a very nice picture, the wolf itself is actually very impressive, you can see it's emotions in those eyes which almost...

Tiger cub by Kamirah
by Kamirah

This is a very beautiful baby tiger the mood of it is great , the cubs eyes are very well done and very beautiful, I love how you made ...


Sage's Kelacao quiz! by coop500
Sage's Kelacao quiz!
Okay... This was a project, took a decent amount of time and headache, but it was worth it! Give you.... The Sage-By-Day challenge! Done for the group Kelacao for today's event, as far as I know the only one that did do it so I am happy!

Yes this is Chip, a old character but new to Kelacao, yes the doodles are awfuil and I wished I could have done better, sorry.
Everlasting Rose by coop500
Everlasting Rose
This is a Valentine's picture for the group Kelacao. Where we are to draw one of our characters in a romantic setting, but I don't know who the lucky lady is, haven't shown much interest in love, but maybe that will change.

Yeah I did get a little lazy with the background... Sorry! Tried to make it up for it with the moon and stars.

And yes, that is a rose he carved from wood, so it's a wooden rose.
Okay, I wanted to do something a little different with this one so sorry it's a bit out there.

In the little town of Havensberg Valentine's day was coming within just a few days and all the single girls and guys are getting ready to approach that special someone. The town was set in a.....

A: Medieval time

B: Modern time

C: Other/can't decide

D. Old West! Yes, Indians and cowboys and goodness knows what else.

You and (if applicable) family live in a small house and farm at the edge of town and for one of you, finding that special someone was hard, most of the guys in town the right age were either taken, not your type or just mean. However, there was one man that no one has seen, living a mile into the woods in a cabin, the trail leading there was a few streets down from your home and everyone knew where it was, just no one was brave enough to go there as there has been scary stories about him. There was also something special about this town...

1. It was a giant tiny town, giants and humans and other human sized beings lived among each other, either in peace or not.

2. It was a human anthro town! Animals that could talk and walk, but were their normal size lived among humans either in peace or not.

3. Nothing, it's just a normal human town.

4. Other/ can't decide

Soon someone in the family decided to brave up and told the rest of the family that they will be going to see him in a few days. Who are you in this family and how do you feel and react? What is your plans?

+. It's your mother, after your father left/passed away close to when you were born, she is at last ready to love another man and hopefully give you a good father. You worry about your mother however, fearing she doesn't know the stories and you decide to set out on your own/with a sibling or friend to see this man for yourself before your mother goes, so that if he is dangerous you can tell her before it's too late. (Age for your character should be around 5 to 9 but that can be negotiated)

-. It's your big sister, having never had a boyfriend and is wishing for someone to love. You find yourself curious about it though and decide to follow her when she sets out, in case it goes bad maybe you can help or get help. (Suggested age for your character is 10 to 18, again can be negotiated)

&. It's you! You have longed to find someone to love again after your last boyfriend dumped you three years ago. Your family warn you of the stories but you don't worry too much, if he was dangerous it seems someone would have done something about him. You instead figure he's just shy and lonely and prefers to be away from the people, which since you live at the edge of town it's something you're already used to. (Suggested age is 20 to 31)

%. Switch, you are the man in the cabin with unexpected female company coming. You can make your own story here.

#. Other or make up your own family member and story. 

Okay so rules! And there will be a few extra ones and please read them, it's important and I will know if you didn't.

First off, yes vore and g/t or just one of those is possible, but not required, we can talk about content like this, but all G/T and vore will be fluffy.

Even though this is a love roleplay I prefer the rating to not surpass a Disney movie, there is plenty of love in Disney movies that don't get dirty. Kissing and cuddling is of course fine!

Okay.... Now, this is a serious and scary for me to write rule, but I will not accept F/F or M/M, it's not that I hate bi and gay people okay? I have friends that are this way and I don't care, they are equals to me in every way. However it does make me uncomfortable to include my characters into it, please I mean no offence to anyone, but I am just not comfortable with it. I am allowed to not allow it.... Right?

If you are a guy or only play guy characters, sorry, I won't make the man in the cabin a girl, however you are more then welcome to switch!

In all the options I listed you are welcome to mix and mash or come up with your own, just don't overwhelm me too fast.

You are Welcome to play only your character or up to the whole family, but unless you make it clear who you're playing I will assume it's just your character and I play any others that are needed for the story.

For those that know me, yes the man in the cabin is gonna be a form of Tyrone, the form depends on the options you pick above but you are also allowed to request a form. For those who don't know me, Tyrone is a sweet, but usually scary looking man, shy and cuddly. Again his appearance and species will depend on the choices above but requests are allowed!
Friendships and no lovey dovey stuff is also allowed, just tell me!

Again since you can make up your own stories you can also live  by yourself or whatever you like!

Standard rule, no godmodding and controlling my character.

No I don't do giantess or female predators, sorry. 

Have fun and again, if you have a issue with my uncomfortable ness, please send me a note and we can talk, but don't just hate on me for not wanting to roleplay it.

Say "Mysterious Love" if you Read the rules here! Otherwise I will politely ask you to read again. This can be said on the first, second or third comment.
Birthday Werewolf hug. by coop500
Birthday Werewolf hug.
Alright, this is my not so secret birthday drawing for Hithereallyall

I put glasses on her so technically I meant it to be really you, but you can imagine her to be Chris.

To anyone who doesn't know my werewolf Tyrone, then I want to say she is in no danger, even as a werewolf Tyrone is still super gentle and cuddly, but he also still has that special hug inside his belly for humans who make him extra happy or are just too cute~

Tyrone belongs to me while herself/Chris belongs to Hithereallyall, happy birthday!

Also a friend of mine in that Kelacao group, FeatheringSilence helped me with Tyrone's hips and legs.


coop500's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
ID pic by :iconloppy1352:

(In need of rewriting, sorry!)

I Love My Friend's OCs by ElStamporooniosLove Feedback Stamp by Mirz123Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123Common Courtesy Stamp by Mirz123 Wolf in sheep clothing by bandaid-l0ve Grimm Stamp by StampWolf
GT supporter by WOWandWAS I Support..._3 by Waltz-for-the-Damned I listen to music while browsing deviantART by DS-DNA Needed to Be Stamp by Mirz123I Love Milk Stamp by Mirz123 Friendly Deviant by Luna-Akari
Be Nice Stamp by Mirz123 I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Comment Appreciation by TheLoveTrain Leureep Lover Stamp by Nai-Alei
Stamp: Supernerdchick by MythrilMog Stamp: mistress0minx by MythrilMog Good at Math by Fyi-Sus Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 Forgetful by prosaix Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Artist's comments stamp by Shutsumon

( stamps perfect for Ty) I Love Strawberries Stamp by Annortha Warning Random hugging by Vhazza Don't make me eat you by Queen-of-Ice-Heart I LIKE HUGS by Plankhead Hug a N00B by N-One )

( stamps for Chip Bard Stamp. by WarGoddessEnyo Parents love by Mr-Stamp Stamp: Gentleness by delusional-dreams :thumb189981747: Stamp: Kindness by delusional-dreams )

Also Loppy has gotten me into a dragon raising thing lol so here are my eggs trying to hatch. Apparently I need people to click on them before they get moldy.

Recent adults: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Eggs and Hatchlings:Adopt one today!

The rest of my dragons are here.

Also if I get duplicates of a dragon I can give it to someone else, my dragon Triss can teleport dragons. So if you see a dragon in the list below that you want, just note me and I will explain what's needed.

Up for Adoption: None for now.

Tyrone: Got yer own eggs that need some help growin'? Try puttin' them here.…

Links to groups I need to easily get to. (You may ignore, this is moreso for myself. )


RP Agency:

RP Affinity:

dAfter Story:


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Mostly using this as a custom box.

Things to do:

For myself:
Finish Densin biography
Finish Sarara story.
Write more vore free stories.

For others:
Get more drawing skill to redraw gift for Matt.
Finish Christmas contest prizes for first, second, third and story place winners.
Finish egg adopt hatches.
Art status: unable

Will update when I remember more things I need to do.

Things I'm waiting for but no rush, just keeping track because I'm so scatter brained lol:

Story request from:iconrainbowsparklebitch: (but i might just commission her it since it's been so long.)

Tyrone art trade from :icontortor13: (my side done)

Unknown art trade with :iconangelicalsweetie:. (my side done. )

Probably more but I'm not thinking of it at the moment.

Updated on: March 13th 2014

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