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(Okay so hopefully this won't be a mistake. )

There are a few ways this could go, I will list them below.

The G/T option. 

You are a young human boy or girl, between the ages of 7 to 21 and sadly your grandparents just past away. (You can either be living on your own, in a orphanage or with your parents or any other idea you have. ) And you just got a letter in the mail, it is their will. You open it up and read it as a key slips out of the letter. It was a really old and rusty looking key. You bend down to pick it up before reading the letter. "Dear (your character's name here) sadly if you are reading this we have passed away. We leave you with 1,000 and this key. Go to our mantion and use the key in the trapdoor under the rug in the kitchen. There is a surprise for you there. " Was all the letter said with your grandparents name signed at the bottom. 

What do you do? 

#1 Go to where the letter says alone and check it out.This sounds rather interesting after all. 

#2 Take friends or siblings along before going. It could be dangerous or fun with company.

#3 Meh you can do it later, it doesn't sound so interesting to you anyway. 

#4 Other? 

The werewolf option. 

You have always wanted a dog and you have been looking for months now for the perfect canine buddy. (Again you can be anywhere between the ages of 4 to 21 ) After looking around on a board in the store you saw someone was offering a large, unique dog. They said that they had to move away soon and wouldn't have the time or space for the dog, so it was free to a good home. Your eyes widen in surprise, there was no picture or hardly any discription, but you still wanted to go see. So what do you do? 

#1 You're alone/is a adult, you can just go check it out and see what the dog is like. What's the worst that could happen? 

#2 You are a young kid and decide to go find your mother/father/parents or other guardian and go ask if you can see this strange dog. 

#3 You are a teen/kid with some friends so you guys decided to go out and check the dog out at the address before your parents call you back home. 

#4 Other?

Okay now the rules and guidelines. 
I just want to warn you first that if you are not okay with soft, non-fatal vore of the innoccent fluffy kind then please let me know, I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable. If you don't know what vore is just go ahead and ask, I will explain the version you would see here anyway. 
Please state your character age and gender, it is important for me to know to write my reply better.
If you want your character to have friends, parents or siblings but don't want to play so many characters that's fine, I can play a few too if you want. 
This is going to be mainly a fluffy roleplay, much like what you would see in any child's movie so I won't be doing much death, violence or +18. Though if the story calls for it then of course there may be a fighting scene or two. 
Both options can be anytimeline you wish, just tell me so I know what is going on. 
You don't have to be human, I will allow close humans and anthros, just no god characters please, the pet is meant to be a 'monster' after all. 
The pet will be male, no eceptions, sorry but mainly with giantess and female predators with vore, nine times out of ten it's sexual and weird for me, no offence but it is just not my cup of tea. 
And that is all I can think of right now.... just go ahead and ask if I missed anything. 
Oh one thing though, I apologize in advance for my slowness.... I do have a life but also I am forgettful, feel free to politely poke me from time to time if I don't reply. Note that I do have a lot going and I do my best to keep up. 
I seem to be on a real journal role...

Comment and I'll
1. Tell you something I learned about you from looking at your profile for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you what color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element you remind me of.
4. Tell you what fictional character you remind me of.
5. Tell you something I like about you.
6. Ask you a question.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what object is at the left of me.
9. Tell you what food/flavour you remind me of.
10. Tell you to post this in your journal. (Not required but fun. )
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(Warning this story contains M/M soft non-fatal vore of a similar size situation. But not same-size. It also contains small elements of my attempt at slight horror, mainly for the story. Also this is for a prompt made by someone else, check discription for details please.)

Mike was just a average 24 year old man with a curiousity stronger then nine felines put together. He had just moved to a small town in idaho after having no luck in getting a job in the other states over east. He drove a little two toned brown CJ7 jeep as he pulled up to a small store to hopefully get a snack, before finding a hotel to spend the night as it was getting late. The young man got out and walked inside the store, looking around before spotting some hot fried chicken in a display by the cash register. 

Mike smiled and picked up a box made for the chicken, picking some pieces out with some nearby tongs and putting them in the box, before closing it. He then carried it to the cold drinks section and picked out a rootbear. Deciding that was enough he went to go pay for it before leaving the store. Mike drove to a small motel the store owner told him about. Once again he got out and went inside to get a room, greeting a young lady there who gave him the room 15. He smiled and thanked her before he turned around to leave, but she stopped him.

"Oh sir? while you are here.... do remember to stay away from the old, big resort up the road a ways.... it's a bit creepy and we don't want our guests getting hurt. " She told him with a worried look. The dark haired man raised a brow curiously, but nodded. He was not afraid though, in fact he was curious about it. Mike smiled some as he left, thanking her for the warning before driving his jeep to park in front of his room. 

He got out and brought his chicken and drink, thankful that the room had a microwave to warm up his food. He heated it up for a minute and sat down on the single bed, eating his dinner and relaxing after a long drive here. Hour or two later Mike was soon asleep in the bed, getting much needed rest. He made sure his cellphone was charging as he slept however. 

By early morning Mike woke up with a wide yawn, wasting no time in eating a small breakfast, taking a quick shower and getting into his jeep with his phone. He felt fresh and ready for anything as he couldn't stop thinking about what could be inside of the resort. He made sure to pay for a few more nights in the motel, as he was sure he would want to stick around for this. Mike made sure not to tell anyone where he planned to go, as he didn't want people worrying about him and trying to convince him not to check it out. 

Mile drove for a good half a hour on the road leading to the resort, oddly seeing not a single car. But he figured everyone was superstitious, he didn't believe in ghosts and monsters after all. Mike saw the old signs for the place and followed them to a small paved road, leading up behind some trees and out of sight. He had to admit early in the morning when the sun was just rising and the fog wasn't burned away just yet, the place did seem kinda creepy. But he wasn't about to let that stop him. 

He parked as close as he could, as there was a fallen tree across the gate that lead to the parking lot. So he just had to pull over, grab his phone and some paper and pencil before he walked past the tree and into the parking lot. The gate was thankfully unlocked so that wasn't a problem. As he walked closer everything was dead quiet and dark, not a single sign of life was around. It did make him a tiny bit nervous, but he shook it off and walked up to the main door. He slipped his notebook and pencil into his olive green coat, along with his phone, before he started to slowly push it open. 

Inside it was very dark, he could hardly see a thing, so once the doors were opened he walked inside, taking his phone out to use as a light. "Ohhh I wished I brought a flashlight... it should get lighter as the day goes on though. " He said to himself, trying to stsy positive as he looked around, the doors slowly closing behind him with a soft click. The phone made a pretty good light, but he had to turn the backlight down so it would last longer. It was still a decent light though. Mike soon came across some papers clipped together with a clip, making him hum curiously before putting it in his coat. 

He walked past the check in desk and continued looking around, trying a few of the light switches, but none even flickered. He guessed that meant that there was no power to the place. Just as he tried a third light to be sure, there was a loud crash down the hall to his right, where some rooms were. The man stiffened some, his heart skipping a beat instinctively. But he stopped and listened and he didn't hear anything else, so he figured maybe it was a rat or something like that. He went back to looking around the first room, seeing how everything was covered in a thick layer of dust.

He didn't find much more there, so it wasn't too long before he moved onto the hall, where the noise came from. It was continuing to make him use his phone for light. He walked down the long hall, looking at the room doors curiously. He noticed though that a few were open and inisde the place was very messed up, the tables were broken, bed flipped upside down or on it's side, appliances were broken and busted up. It actually looked like a wild animal was in there. Mike shuddered a little and walked on, a tiny bit of nervousness creeping into his mind.

Suddenly Mike heard another noise, but it wasn't a crash.... it more sounded like a low, threatening growl. He froze and stiffened before carefully peeking behind him to see one of the closed doors opening up, and something big start to step out. The man's breathing hitched, his feet seemingly glued to the ground for some reason. That was until he saw the creature.It was kinda like a human, but bigger with grey wrinkled up skin. Mike didn't get a very good look at it in the darkness, but once the light of his phone showed the creature's sharp black claws he didn't stay any longer.

Mike gasped as the monster turned towards him, before he turned around and started running down the hall with true fear on his mind. That lady was right.... there was something wrong with this place. Mike panted some as he ran, looking for a place to hide as he heard the monster chasing behind him. It was most certaintly not friendly as he felt the air shift behind him when the creature clawed at him, luckily missing the human by mere inches.

The young man dreaded what would happen to him if such a monster got a hold of him, so when he saw the open door in the hall leading to a room to the left he wasted no time in darting inside and closing the door. However the monster saw it and started clawing and banging at the door. Mike had very little time as he glanced around, but couldn't make a choice as he was suddenly grabbed and thrown under a bed, while the monster was still trying to break the door, but from the cracking sounds it sounded like it was mere moments before he was inside.

Mike was scared, the first time he had been scared in a long time. He had no idea what stuffed him under the bed, but he decided not to question it right now as the monster broke down the door with a frustrated growl, gazing around for the human. Mike did his best to stay very quiet, closing his eyes and hoping for the best. He didn't hear any sounds from a secend person of any kind, which was odd as he still wondered what put him here, under this low bed.

Mike however feared to take any chances, so he just stayed as quiet as he could and hoped the monster gave up. After what felt like hours but was only a few minutes the clawed beast huffed and stormed out of the room, going down the hall some to check the other rooms. Meanwhile the man waited until he couldn't hear it anymore, even then he waited a good thirdy secends or more before he finally got up from under the bed slowly. He watched what he touched to try and keep from drawing attention back to here. 

He stood up with a heavy sigh of relief, his pounding heart starting to calm down to a even but nervous beat. Mike looked at his phone to see it was still okay and making light. He was glad for that, the last thing he wanted was to break his only source of light. He smiled and wiped the screen off with his redish shirt before he started to curiously look around the room. However he couldn't fully turn around before a sudden strong grip clamped down on his shoulders and spun him around.

Mike yelped in surprise and fright, still keeping a hold of his phone as he stared up at a pair of dark blue eyes. He whinced and slowly lifted his phone up towards the tall being's face. Whatever it was it was easily twice his size, he could tell that by how high up the eyes were. However instead of seeing a grey, wrinkled face of a monster, he saw a normal looking man, with a worried, curious look on his face. He was indeed very tall, but Mike wouldn't call him threatening, well besides the way he held him. It did make him a little worried about his intentions.

Thanks to his phone light Mike soon spotted the taller man's pointed ears past his blonde hair, which showed he wasn't human. That of course increased his worry. "Um.... hello there.... big fella.... " Mike nervously greeted as the big blonde looked over him curiously, a smile showing the human his sharp fangs appearing on his face. "Awww yer a little human huh? my my.... it's been so long since I seen someone like ye. " The bigger man replied, his voice deep and strong, but Mike sensed a hint of innocence in his voice, which he hoped was good. 

Mike wasn't sure exactly what he meant by someone like him, but he guessed that it meant just normal, not like this elf or the monster he ran from. "I hope I didn't hurt ye by throwin' ye under the bed.....I didn't want that mean creature gettin' ye. I don't know what they do to people but.... I never see them again." He said with a small pout, his pointed ears wilting back almost in a sad manner. A hint of pity crossed Mike's face, as so far he seemed nice and all. "Not..... not as much as the monster would have hurt me..... t-thanks.... " The smaller, dark haired man said, shifting his shoulders a little to find the tall blonde wasn't wanting to let go.

"Um.... is there something you want from me? " Mike asked shyly, looking up at him and lowering his phone, not wanting to annoy him with the light in his face. The blue eyed elf hummed softly, gently picking Mike up in his arms bride style. "From ye? no but.... I don't think ye should be out there so soon. He could be waitin' for ye out there and maybe some of his faster friends.... " He big blonde said with concern on his face. Mike yelped some as he was picked up, looking up at the elf nervously as he felt like a helpless child in his arms. "Oh I see.... ah well....I planned on leaving here.... "He said, kinda hoping this man will let him go.

It all could have been harmless on the elf's part, it seemed to be but Mike had worries.... maybe it was because he wasn't fully normal and could overpower him easily. Part of him though wanted to listen to whatever he had to say and what he maybe be planning. After all how much worse could he be then those black clawed beasts? "Are ye? Awww..... well I understand that... it was at least nice to see someone that can speak normally... I can safely take ye back to the front door if ye want. " He offered with a friendly grin, but Mike saw the slight sadness in his eyes. He wondered if it was because he was lonely. 

The human was hesitent, but he didn't want to get hurt down here without anyone knowing where he was, so he nodded. "Alright, but how do you plan on getting me past the monster? I.... don't know if I can run from him again... " Mike said, a soft, scared whine coming from him as he looked down, not seeing the elf that held him start grinning softly. "Ah I thought of that little lad... and I have the perfect salution. All ye have to do is be still. " He said, a happy, but accidentally scary sounding growl excaping his throat. Mike flinched from the growl and looked back up at him a little nervously. 

"Uhhh.... what is this idea of yours.... whoever you are.....? " He asked carefully, his heart speeding up a little as he was still held in the elf's arms. "Name's Tyrone little one.... and.... if ye really want to know.... I'm just gonna tuck ye away nicely in my belly. The monster would't even notice ye. And ye will be all safe and snug inside me, it's perfect " He simply said in a friendly voice, licking his lips a little already for this. However to hear this Mike felt his blood run cold.... tuck him away... in his belly? this man wanted to eat him? swallow him whole? He had to get out of this he thought. 

He was tempted to try and squirm away, but looking at the man, Tyrone he did have a feeling that he meant no harm..... That didn't mean Mike was going to agree with this. He worried that outright fighting him would just anger him and he would be eaten for sure, so he tried to think of what else he could do. "Um.... you know what, I think I can outrun him again.... thank you though, I should get going before someone notices I'm gone.... " Mike quickly said as calmly as he could, looking at the broken door in hopes of walking through there. 

It seemed though that the elf had other plans as he soon shifted his hold to hold Mike gently by the shoulders, his feet just barely touching the ground again. "Awww now now we both know that's not true, and I won't want to see ye get hurt by that thing, so sorry little one, but unless ye can think of somethin' better, it's best that ye go into my tummy whole, instead of his in pieces. "Tyrone said to him, gently nuzzling the top of his head in attempt to reassure and relax him.

Mike sighed some and looked down, feeling a bit defeated as he felt the seemingly friendly elf nuzzle him. There didn't seem a way for him to talk his way out of this, as friendly as he was it seemed Tyrone has made up his mind already. "I..... I guess so.... I would be happy not to be in anyone's stomach.. " He couldn't help but say, feeling himself get lifted up until his head softly touched the ceiling. Now looking down made him see the happy looking face of his soon to be devourer. "Maybe so lad, but I won't let ye take such a chance, not when I can keep ye safe so easily..... " He said, a hint of worry again in his eyes.

Before Mike could answer though the big blonde opened his mouth wide below him, sharp fangs parting to show a red and pink warm maw. He could feel his warm breath against his legs and slightly through his shoes. "Woah okay-um hold on now- are you sure you want to do that big guy? " He suddenly asked in a quick, nervous voice. Tyrone merely smiled to him and nodded, before he gently lowered him down into his jaws, gulping his feet first into his throat. 

The young man shivered some from the feeling, very tempted to start trying to struggle away. But he knew that Tyrone was too strong and even if he got away, he might get caught by something worse. So with a sigh he just closed his eyes, deciding to just let it happen and pray that Tyrone was as friendly as he acted. Part of Mike hoped that the tall blonde had eyes bigger then his stomach and that he would have to spit him out he felt his knees slip into his throat rather easily he knew that wasn't going to be the case. No human man, even his size would be able to pull off such a feat, so it was clear Tyrone was not normal, not by a longshot. 

Though if Mike thought about it, it was a good thing too. Because if the big elf was normal, then there would be no way Mike would be safe in there, he was still doubting if it really was safe or not. While the young dark haired human was thinking about all of this, Tyrone wasted no time in gulping him down to his waist. Tyrone of course felt bad for the little human, understanding his worry. But it had been truly a long time since he saw anyone... it would break his heart if he let this one get hurt. Besides when he got all fidgety it only made Ty want to tuck him away in his belly even more, finding it rather cute. 

The bigger man did wish that there was a way to maybe relax him more, but he worried about waiting too long and the monster coming back, looking for a fight because of it's lost meal. He noticed the man looked deep in thought as he swallowed him. It made Tyrone a bit curious, but he was unable to speak his thoughts out just yet. With another gulp from the mostly friendly blonde Mike was sliding up to his chest, feeling a wet warmth encase his clothing and skin when it soaked through. 

Mike was glad that he seemed to be being gentle with.... eating him, seeing those sharp fangs so close to his skin made goosebumps form on his arms, but those sharp teeth never so much as scratched him as he was gulped down. Tyrone soon started to growl with delight as he gulped and swallowed some more, the sound vibrating through the human's body with him being so deep inside. He wasn't sure if he should be scared or happy the elf was happy, as those teeth of his started to near his neck. Mike decided to be neither and just see what happens, hoping for the best as he was starting to lose sight of the room they were in. 

To his surprise it wasn't as tight and squeezing as he thought it would be, it just seemed the elf's body moved to accomindate him, which was both kinda scary and relieving. The big blonde couldn't help but playfully lick the back of his neck as his head entered his hungry jaws, earning a few nervous laughs and a squrim, which felt weird against his soft insides, but it didn't hurt. Mike was a bit hopeful from the playful lick, making a shy smile appear as soon his entire body was sealed up inside of the big fanged blonde, hearing a soft click of his teeth shutting to seal out any possible light. 

Now Tyrone just seemed content with letting his throat guide his little guest to where he belonged, his empty tummy. The nervous little human was quite yummy he thought, making him lick his lips and roof of his mouth delightfully. Meanwhile Mike found himself being gently kneeded into a more open space that his feet had entered a while ago. He soon had to curl up some as he entered the elf's belly, feeling the warm soft, but slimy flesh around him.

It was almost hard to believe.... that he was actually inside of his stomach, but here he was, curled up with his phone with his finger hovered over the power button. The darkness in the belly kinda scared him, but he wasn't sure if he wanted light. He couldn't imagine the inside of a stomach being a very plesent sight.

Soon though Mike yelped some in surprise as he felt a gentle push from the outside, before the pressure started moving in a circle. It took a few moments but he figured out that Tyrone was rubbing his belly. "Are ye okay my little one? Did ye get to my tummy alright? " He asked from outside, looking down at his bulging belly. It actually wasn't bulging all too much, considering who was inside all curled up. Mike was surprised to hear his familair friendly voice, if a bit muffled. He didn't answer right away and instead shifted in the stomach to face the front. "I..... I think I am fine..... am I really in your.... your stomach? " He asked, still nervous as he looked around. He wasn't being hurt yet though. 

The big blonde smiled wider to the question, finding it again rather cute. At this point Tyrone felt he was more like a child then a adult, for now anyway. "Well I don't know where else ye would be little one, yes yer in my belly, but don't worry, yer as safe as ye can be here. It won't be for too long anyhow, so just hold on okay? " He told him caringly, hoping to ease the little human some. Mike murmured some under his breath but nodded, so far it was the most he could ask for in this already bad situation. He touched the flesh below him to feel a small puddle of drool, but thankfully no.... acids. 

"Alright then.... just please try to hurry.... it's.... uh..... " He trailed off, unsure how to explain. It wasn't all so bad, but he still couldn't get past the full meaning of the situation, he couldn't get past that he had been swallowed whole. "Weird? uncomfortable? dark? it's okay... speak yer mind lad, I swear there is no way ye can offend me to the point of changin' my mind about helpin' ye, so please, don't be scared to speak how ye feel . " Tyrone filled in the blank the best he could, giving a soothing hum to his belly. 

Mike let out a shaky breath and nodded, a slight smile appearing on his face. "Okay..... um..... thank you... " He replied, shifting again a little to get comfortable, before relaxing and trying to be as still as he could. He rested his head on the back wall, hearing the slight moist sound of Tyrone's breathing just above his head. The big blue eyed elf grinned some with a happy sigh, before looking out towards the hall. He sniffed the air for a moment with his keen nose, smelling the creature was still out there waiting. 

Normally it and the other creatures here didn't bother the big blonde, he wasn't human so as far as Tyrone could guess they deemed him as one of their own, even if he wasn't. With a deep breath to prepare himself Tyrone soon walked out the doorway, stepping over the broekn door. He looked to his right to see the grey creature looking right at him. Blue eyes narrowed at it from it's seemingly accusing look, it wasn't hard to tell that the creature wasn't happy. But it was a little scared of Tyrone, so with a huff and glare it walked off into another room, allowing the elf to pass. 

Tyrone was happy about this and smiled slightly, wasting no time in walking past towards the front door of the building, like he said he would. It was a little ways, going down the hall and having to take some longer ways to go around some of the creatures. While most normally let Ty pass by he wasn't sure if they would become hostile smelling the human scent on him. He figured it would be better to be safe rather then sorry, even more so with another life on the line. 

Mike however was worried, as it was taking longer then he felt was needed, he just came in here, the door shouldn't be no more then a minute or two away, but now checking his phone and avoiding eye contact with his surroundings he saw it's been close to twenty minutes. "Hey are we close yet? it's... been a little while you know... did you get lost? " He asked, not wanting to think of the worst just yet as he could feel the elf walking, after all it made the belly sway slightly, threatening to put the human to sleep. 

Tyrone cringed some to hear Mike's question, knowing sooner or later he would be wondering. "I am just playin' it safe okay? I'm sorry, we are almostthere though alright? "He said, his voice quick and hushed. Not wanting to anger the larger man Mike nodded and curled up some, twitching his phone on again to check the time, twenty five minutes now.... With a sigh and yawn he closed the flip phone and tucked it into his pocket, trying to fight off sleeping.

After a few more minutes, but what felt like a hour Tyrone finally got to the front door. It was then did he realize what this meant... the little human he just met... may be leaving forever. He paused in front of the doors, staring at the handles longingly. He so much wanted to walk outside.... but there was no way he saw that no one would notice him being.... not the same, at the very least. He was so happy to have found someone to talk to and it brought a small tear to his eye at the thought of losing it so soon.

But.... Tyrone didn't see any other choice he had, not a good one anyway. So with a soft sigh he gave a small rub to his belly. "We.... we are here little one.... ready to come out now? " He asked, doing his best to keep his voice level and calm. Mike however was getting heavy headed, so it took a few moments for his words to even register. But when they did he perked up with wide eyes, smiling some. "Yes please! I mean.... um yeah I am ready.... " He said, feeling a tiny bit bad about how eager his voice sounded at first. 

That did give another sting to the elf, but he tried to shrug it off. "Alright then.... this may be kinda weird so.... get ready for that. " He warned, able to give a amused smile to the thought. Tyrone then gently started to squeeze his stomach and it's eager contents, going slow to give Mike a chance to adjust and react. The human yelped some at first as the belly got tighter, if that was even possible, but then he felt his head slip upwards into a tighter part again, where he came down about a ahlf a hour ago. 

Mike shuddered and winced as he was gently kneeded and squeezed back up, though he noticed there was a serious lack of happy growls that the elf would give before. It made him wonder if something was wrong. Part of Mike told him that he was being silly to be worried about someone who pretty much devoured him without his consent. But the other part of him knew that he only did it to help, after seeing that he was being released. Before he could think too much more on it anymore though he felt his head slip into the elf's mouth again, seeing those sharp fangs mere inches from his nose.

He crossed his eyes a little and bit his lip some, nervous still as he watched the jaws open up, showing him the front doors that he came through. Sure enough Tyrone kept his word, he took him safely to the exit... Soon he saw the elf's arms being held out as his body was squeezed out of Ty's insides. He wasn't sure if he should try to help or not, so he jsut stayed still as he was soon being held by Tyrone, all wet and slimy and rather pitiful looking. 

Tyrone wiped his mouth some on his shoulder, before chuckling some at the sight. "Awww hehe, ye look so....cute. " He said, unable to keep himself from giving the small human a hug. Mike yelped some again from the hug, feeling himself being softly smooshed up against his large chest. Mike wasn't a hugging man after all.... but he decided to go with it, but then he noticed the slight moisture on the blonde's cheek, the moonlight reflecting offof it to allow him to see it. "Is something wrong? " He asked curiosuly, unable to hold his tongue about it. 

Tyrone froze feom the question, feeling like a money that was caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He didn't realise the moonlight would show that through the front door windows. "Um.... nothin' lad, must be some water or somethin'. " He said with a sheepish grin, softly putting Mike down onto his feet before wiping his face. However while Mike stood up and was only up to the man's middle barely, he still, much to his own surprise had enough bravery to not believe that. 

Mike stood up as straightly as he could, wincing some as he felt how slimy he was before speaking. "Are you sure? it doesn't look like water.... " He said, crossing his arms some. He had to admit, it was funny to make the elf nervous in return, though he did feel a little bad too. Tyrone whimpered softly and shuffled in his spot, looking down at the suddenly brave little human. "Uhhh.... I don't- " He started, but was cut off by the dark haired man when he raised a wet hand. "Ah, don't try it big guy, I know that was a tear.... so what's up? I didn't hurt you did I? I tried not to. " He said, a hint of worry in his voice. 

This tall blonde did help him after all, he only felt it was fair that he found out what made him sad. Though Tyrone just became more nervous, worried the human would find his reasons silly or something. "Well..... I.... I just.... Remember when I said I haven't seen anyone like ye in a long time? Well.... I miss people like ye... and for ye to have to go.... well.... I... I just don't like bein' alone for so long.... I'm sorry, it must seem petty to ye... " He said, turning around a little and facing deeper inside the building. 

Mike however was shocked by this, a creature able to devour a grown man whole acted so shy and afraid when caught in his act of.... loneliness. The human felt bad as he relaxed his arms, wiping a few globs of drool off of his shoulders and chest. "Not really..... it seems like as good of a reason to be upset as any..... if you are so alone though, why do you stay here? why not leave? " Mike asked the large, sad blonde, walking around him from the right a little curiously.

He was still a little scared deep down, doing his best to avoid eye contact to Tyrone's mouth or middle... it was still intimidating. And he was still warm and dripping with saliva and various other odd, but perfectly harmless stomach slime. He saw a blonde eyebrow raise as the large elf turned around, confused. "Have ye seen me lad? I can't just walk around and not worry about anyone noticin' somethin' is wrong with me.... "he said, gesturing to himself with a sigh. 

Mike blinked some by his words, though taking another look at him he did understand what he meant. He was far too tall to be normal, not to mention those sharp teeth and pointed ears, then there was the fact he didn't seem against eating people. "Okay..... good point.... still you shouldn't stay here.... you're not..... not a monster like the other creatures here.... " The human said, surprised those words left his lips. 

Tyrone growled softly in thought, listening to the little human. "Aye that is... rather nice of ye to say lad.... but I don't know how true it is.... " He said, tilting his head some though as he noticed Mike seemed to be thinking about something. "I have a idea big guy.... But I need to come back later for it.... but I think we can help with getting you out of here... " He said, smiling up with confidence at the tall elf. 

Tyrone murmured and leaned his head down some, wondering if he was serious. "Ye mean... ye want to get me out of here? " He asked, raising his other brow. He was a bit scared at the thought of leaving.... he had been here for so long, leaving seemed..... weird. This was like his home, even if he got scared and hurt at times here by the violent creatures and monsters. 

Though... the thought of going outside was a rather amazing idea.... maybe somewhere he could fit in. But he could not do it without the help of this little human and it may be his first and only chance. After a few moments of thinking he smiled happily. "Okay then.... what did ye have planned? can I help? "he asked, hoping that whatever it was, it wouldn't be too scary. 

Mike smiled some as the large elf agreed to it, he really had little idea why he was doing this, but.... well at the moment it seemed like a good idea. Though there was his crazy idea of coming her alone too... but he shrugged it off inside, not seeing any way it could go too wrong. He just hoped Tyrone didn't get car sick easy. "No I don't think so, but I have a.... uhhh you know what a car is right? " He asked, pausing at the start of his explaination as he realised Tyrone may not know. 

Tyrone tilted his head to the question, trying to think.... "It's those loud things I see sometimes outside right? kinda big and they go real fast? Wait.... ye want me to go into one of those things? "He asked, his eyes widening in surprise. The idea was kinda scary he thought.... Mike nodded some and bit his lip. "Yes, but I might have to take the back seat out, so you can fit. " He said, glancing outside. "At most with some help it will take me a hour, just stay here and don't go too deeply in there, I don't want to wander around here looking for you when I come back with those monsters here. " 

Tyrone whimpered softly from all of that, it sounded pretty scary but.... he already agreed to leave and he couldn't change his mind now over something so silly as riding in a car.... after all these little humans can do it, he figured he should be able to just once. "Okay.... okay I can wait here don't worry.... " He said, taking a deep breath afterwords to calm his nerves. Mike smiled some and chuckled, surprised to see he seemed nervous. "Trust me, it isn't as scary as being swallowed whole, you're a big tough guy, you can handle it" He joked to the elf, giving him a soft punch in the arm. 

Tyrone pouted some to the soft punch, but smiled still. "Okay okay I can do this..... I will hold down the fort until ye return lad. " He said with more confidence. Mike nodded, satisfied with that before he turned back around to go outside, slowly pushing the doors open. The large blonde watched him leave and go outside, trying to think positive before he turned around as well. Mike walked outside and closed the doors, breathing a sigh of relief that he still had his life, between that monster before and Tyrone.... He had to admit for a moment or two he didn't think things would be good.

Mike headed back and climbed into his jeep, glancing in the back in thought.... He was thinking about removing the back seats so there would be room for Ty, but he had to keep the top on, otherwise everyone could see him and.... Well that would be hard to explain he thought. He tried to visually remember how tall the big pointed eared guy was. It probably wasn't going to be a comfortable ride for him, but it would only be until he got to the hotel. The human started up the jeep and backed out of the area, turning around once he would and drove back down the paved little road around the trees.

He hoped he could get Tyrone in the jeep without any problems.... But he feared how he would react when they started rolling. A stressed man twice your size in a small car with you is never a good thing he didn't think.He shook his head to clear his thoughts though and kept going, heading to the hotel, the only place he could think of to get the seat out.

It was getting close to noon by now and as he got to the main road, everyone was driving around but none so far paid Mike any mind as they rushed around. He drove out when the way was clear, driving back as he continued to think about what to do.... (End of part one.)
Protection in the darkness Part one.
Hello everyone! This is a story I have been working on for a while now, originally inspired by :iconde-vore: prompt story thing here.… originally it was meant to just be a survival story but it evolved from that to.... This. Sorry about that De-Vore. i plan to have more parts to it, but I wanted you guy's input on what you think should happen next. I hope you all enjoy.

Alsl I didn't forget tge name suggestions, I just didn't know which to pick.... sorry. 
Okay normally I stay kinda quiet about things, but today I did something that I have been wanting to do for a month or so now.... I have made a working mod for the game, Elder scrolls IV Oblivion with the construction set tool from the game makers. It's not much, but for those that play I made a customized set of golden saint armor and weapons, even added enchantments to them. It's quite exciting when I at last made them appear in the world stably. 

Next I plan to make some things for my mom for Skyrim, as it seems like the same basic idea, her birthday is coming up so I hope I can come up with something good.

Anywho I just felt too happy to keep this to myself, I hope you all have a nice day.

PS: If by some chance you play Oblivion and want what I made, just comment or send me a note and I would be happy to share it with you. I do kinda need other computers to test it on in case it only works on laptops or something. 
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I hope you all have a wonderful new year and don't get hurt having too much fun! This year was mostly nice for me, some bad times and some good times, I hope 2015 will bring us all cheer.

For those of you who may have lost loved ones or friends... You have my deepest condolences and hope that they are in a better place.....

I would like to list some honorable mentions, if you are not here and feel you should then my apologies! Its quite late as I write this so don't take it personal and I will fix it in the morning! You are all so wonderful this journal would break to list all of you. Thank you all so very much for just a single word spoken to me.

CRFahey Very pleasant to talk to and wonderful art and stories of both G/T and non- G/T

Kamellion A very kind and nice lady with all manner of interesting characters, ideas and creations. Her roleplay skills are quite good as well!

Phoenixgirl500 Another kind and supportive miss with adorable characters and interesting ideas.

Jessica-Rae-3 The ever awesome Jessica, has given me much inspiration and hope and laughs over the time I have been here. I wouldn't know DA without her,

As for the rest of you.... You are all wonderful and kind friends, I don't wish to part with any of you and I wish you the best of heath.

Tyrone: *Gives lots of hugs, cuddles and snugly stays in his tummy to all friendly visitors! *

Christmas: (Go ahead and ignore)

Hello everyone from all around the world! I hope you all have a merry christmas. I am sorry I couldn't do anything special this year, but I hope that you have a good time nonetheless. 

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I seem to be on a real journal role...

Comment and I'll
1. Tell you something I learned about you from looking at your profile for 13 seconds.
2. Tell you what color you remind me of.
3. Tell you what element you remind me of.
4. Tell you what fictional character you remind me of.
5. Tell you something I like about you.
6. Ask you a question.
7. Give you a nickname.
8. Tell you what object is at the left of me.
9. Tell you what food/flavour you remind me of.
10. Tell you to post this in your journal. (Not required but fun. )
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ID pic by :iconloppy1352:

Hello everyone I'm super happy that someone is even here seriously I don't have any friends outside deviant period zero none so I'm glad that someone would even come here I thank you very much for reading and I hope you all have a beautiful day ( waves)

Da family

:iconjessica-rae-3: is like a mother to me, very sweet and kind, always knows what to say

:iconlost-in-legends: and :iconmythrilmog: are like guardian angles, always comes up with a story or picture to warm my heart and heal my soul. They are my first friends and have a special part in my heart. I would do anything for them. They really inspired me to show other people my characters and art so I have them to thank for all of what I draw now

:iconangelicalsweetie: the burger king lady!

:iconrot8erconex: aka Matt, we are good friends and crazy rp'ers....what happens when you mix a child's world like mine with interesting time traveling people? Well anthro kittens, chickens with flaming feet, cute griffins, weird size changing guns, a adventurous seven year old little girl and a nice people swallowing giant (he doesn't hurt them when he swallows them) that laughs at the size changing guns lol what could possibility go wrong?

:iconmicronekogirlpur: is like the cool lady next door

:icondarkaos-zombispitz: the sister I never had

:icontwilit-imp: older/younger sister

:icondbtransformer: little sister Dany lol.

Likes: kittys, dragons, playing games with my family,giants especially farons, ice cream, wolves, baby chickens, skyrim and cake!

Dislikes:mean fussy people, broken crayons, 100 degrees, seeing people get into fights for no reason and spiders!

I Love My Friend's OCs by ElStamporooniosLove Feedback Stamp by Mirz123Stand Up - Stand Alone Stamp by Mirz123Forget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123Common Courtesy Stamp by Mirz123 Wolf in sheep clothing by bandaid-l0ve Grimm Stamp by StampWolf
GT supporter by WOWandWAS I Support..._3 by Waltz-for-the-Damned I listen to music while browsing deviantART by DS-DNA Needed to Be Stamp by Mirz123I Love Milk Stamp by Mirz123 Friendly Deviant by Luna-Akari
Be Nice Stamp by Mirz123 I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Comment Appreciation by TheLoveTrain Leureep Lover Stamp by Nai-Alei
Stamp: Supernerdchick by MythrilMog Stamp: mistress0minx by MythrilMog I Support MythrilMog by Lost-in-Legends Good at Math by Fyi-Sus Real Friends Stamp by Mirz123 Forgetful by prosaix Hot Chocolate Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Artist's comments stamp by Shutsumon

( stamps perfect for Ty lol I Love Strawberries Stamp by Annortha Warning Random hugging by Vhazza Don't make me eat you by Queen-of-Ice-Heart I LIKE HUGS by Plankhead Hug a N00B by N-One )

( stamps for Chip Bard Stamp. by WarGoddessEnyo Parents love by Mr-Stamp Stamp: Gentleness by delusional-dreams :thumb189981747: Stamp: Kindness by delusional-dreams )

Also Loppy has gotten me into a dragon raising thing lol so here are my eggs trying to hatch. Apparently I need people to click on them before they get moldy.

Recent adults: Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today! Adopt one today!

Eggs and Hatchlings:Adopt one today!

The rest of my dragons are here.

Also if I get duplicates of a dragon I can give it to someone else, my dragon Triss can teleport dragons. So if you see a dragon in the list below that you want, just note me and I will explain what's needed.

Up for Adoption: None for now.

Tyrone: Got yer own eggs that need some help growin'? Try puttin' them here.…

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Mostly using this as a custom box.

Things to do:

For myself:
Finish Densin biography
Finish Sarara story.
Write more vore free stories.

For others:
Get more drawing skill to redraw gift for Matt.
Finish Christmas contest prizes for first, second, third and story place winners.
Finish egg adopt hatches.
Art status: unable

Will update when I remember more things I need to do.

Things I'm waiting for but no rush, just keeping track because I'm so scatter brained lol:

Story request from:iconrainbowsparklebitch: (but i might just commission her it since it's been so long.)

Tyrone art trade from :icontortor13: (my side done)

Unknown art trade with :iconangelicalsweetie:. (my side done. )

Probably more but I'm not thinking of it at the moment.

Updated on: March 13th 2014

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